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I had the biggest crush on my first piano teacher

I love showing off my body, and to do it outside under a big blue sky is awesome

This is another shoot outside on the deck

Believe it or not, I just meet this guy, he came in for the shoot, and we started to go at it :)

I am an equal opportunity girl, I love being with both guys and girls, as you can see me here with my pussy being munched on

Some guys like my pussy nice and hairy like it is here, others prefer it shaved

If I had to rate my body, i'd give my boobs the highest marks, I love how they look from the side like this

Naked in bed, getting ready to masturbate

Outside again, and of course I'm naked!

When I was a kid back in Oklahoma, I loved climbing tree's like you catch me here

I'm just getting ready to whip up a batch of cookies

Naked sitting at the counter

Working on an art project, notice that I'm topless, its a recuring theme with me!

Getting a little rest on the tennis courts.

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